How much do you know about popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?


‘Friends’ on Facebook: Dos and Don’ts

Being ‘friends’ with your teenagers on Facebook does not necessarily give you the right to do anything and everything you want on it. Remember that Facebook is public and anyone on the internet, including your teenagers’ friends, can see everything displayed on your children’s profiles as well as yours.

So, here are some DOs and DON’Ts that you should abide by if you have added your teenagers as ‘Friends’ on Facebook.


DO monitor what your teenage children upload onto Facebook

As much as they think they know everything, many teenagers may not be aware of the dangers of posting too much information onto social networking sites. Photographs, per-sonal particulars, status updates or even comments can potentially put them in vulnera-ble positions. In situations where you see that happening, let them know your concerns.


DON’T use Facebook as a platform for parenting

While it is important to voice your concerns about what they post online, you should never use Facebook to parent your teenagers about it or about anything else in general. Teenagers are self-conscious. Their profiles can be viewed by their Facebook Friends, and hence parenting them on the social website may invite teasing that can hurt their self-esteem. Be sensitive.



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