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Speak with an online counsellor right now. Facing a cyber bully, wondering if you have an online addiction, or any other cyber wellness issue? Come chat with us.


Chat is open from 2pm to 10pm, Mon- Fri
(excluding public holidays)


Hi, I think a stranger in my facebook is stalking me
Hello, how long has it been?
Since a week ago. Can you help me?
Yes I can
Alternatively, you can contact us through:

... our hotline at 1800 6123 123 to speak to someone about your cyber wellness issue. 

Hotline is open from 10am to 6pm, Mon – Fri (excluding public holidays)

You probably already know this


Privacy settings, checked.

Don’t post stuff that can be used against you, got it.

Cyber bullying, nah don’t do that.

Addiction, no time.

But maybe…just maybe… you’re facing a bit of an online situation right now.

Need some help? Come talk with us, or you can also see
if our articles can give you some information to help you along.

Cyber Bullying
Cyber Bullying
You may become victims of cyber bullying without you even knowing about it!
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Inappropriate Content
Inappropriate Content
Is easy access to inappropriate content of concern? Find out how prevention and education are weapons against inappropriate content!
Social Media
Social Media
Social media is becoming increasingly inseparable from our daily lives. How do I navigate this complex maze that is social media?
Mobile Technology
Mobile Technology
Is my mobile phone usage becoming excessive? Check out some methods and tools that help reduce mobile phone usage!
Online Privacy
Online Privacy
Is your personal information safe online? Find out how to protect your online privacy!

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