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In this digital age, children with special needs, especially the teenagers, can be quite social media-savvy and also face the same cyber pitfalls and dangers such as inappropriate content and cyber bullying.

These children are equally susceptible to online stranger-danger situations, bullying and harassment.

Singtel Cyber Wellness Toolkit for Special Education (SPED) Schools is a customised programme developed for students with intellectual disability to help them learn to develop safe online habits and identify dangers in the digital world.

We worked with TOUCH Cyber Wellness, the subject matter expert in Singapore and a service of TOUCH Community Services, and three of our Singtel Touching Lives Fund beneficiary schools – APSN Chaoyang School, APSN Tanglin School and MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School – to develop the Singtel Cyber Wellness Toolkit.

This Toolkit is a product of numerous rounds of teacher focus groups, classroom observations and teaching material iterations on what will work best in the SPED environment.  We are confident that this toolkit will aid the SPED teachers deliver these important lessons easily to the students in a fun and engaging manner.

Check out the below the resource materials for the teachers, and three levels of workbooks for students seven to 18 years old, covering four main themes most relevant to them:

1.     Cyber relationships

2.     Online information

3.     Time Management

4.     Online Harassment and Cyberbullying