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How to Spot Signs of Cyber Bullying

A survey conducted by TOUCH Cyber Wellness reported that one in three secondary school students have been victims of cyber bullying in the past year. Similarly, one in five primary school children reported being cyber bullied. The survey polled 3,000 secondary school students and 1,900 primary school children, and the data was collected over a period of 13 months, from May 2013 to May 2014 (1).

 Signs and symptoms of cyber bullying (2):

A child may be a VICTIM of cyber bullying if he or she:

  • Unexpectedly stops using the computer
  • Appears nervous or jumpy when an instant message, text message, or email appears
  • Appears uneasy about going to school or outside in general
  • Appears to be angry, depressed, or frustrated after using the computer
  • Avoids discussions about what they are doing on the computer
  • Becomes abnormally withdrawn from usual friends and family members

A child may be CYBER BULLYING others if he or she:

  • Quickly switches screens or closes programs when you walk by
  • Uses the computer at all hours of the night
  • Gets unusually upset if he/she cannot use the computer
  • Laughs excessively while using the computer
  • Avoids discussions about what they are doing on the computer
  • Uses multiple online accounts or an account that is not their own

Cyber bullying is real and can affect everyone. Here is some advice for parents on how they can

If you need help or further advice on how to handle cyber bullying, please call Help123 at 1800-6123-123 and our counsellors will be glad to assist you.

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