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12 Commonly Used Youth Lingo

You’re in the MRT, and you overhear a youth saying, “I’m going to low-key date someone.”

Stunned, you think to yourself,“Woah there. What exactly does that even mean? There’s a key to dating? A key to the person’s heart perhaps?”

Seems like each generation has their own trending code-names or unique language, which causes the older generation to scratch their heads and go, “What did you just say?”

One way to connect with the youths is by deciphering their lingo. However, misuse of youth lingo may unintentionally result in embarrassing your child, especially if it is being used on their social media platforms, where all comments are in public view of their friends.

So, let’s learn the 12 commonly used youth lingos of today and their proper usage!

1. Lit

Meaning: Awesome, cool (not to be used to describe people)

How to use it: “This party is lit!”

2. Salty

Meaning: Feeling upset, bitter

How to use it: “How could we lose this game? I feel so salty about it.”

3. Triggered

Meaning: Having a strong negative reaction after seeing, hearing or experiencing something a person cannot tolerate

How to use it: “She didn’t manage to get the latest iPhone. Don’t ask her about it! She may get triggered.”

4. Bae

Meaning: A way to address one’s boy/girlfriend (in a romantic relationship)

How to use it: “I’m meeting my bae tonight for dinner!”


Meaning: Short for “Heart To Heart Talk”. A close and private conversation between two people.

How to use it: “Would you be free this afternoon? Can we HTHT?”

6. Lowkey

Meaning: Being discreet or secretive. Can be used to describe a person or event.

How to use it: “I barely know anything about John. He’s such a lowkey person.”

7. Chillax

Meaning: A combination of two words; Chill and relax. It means to chill and be relaxed.

How to use it: “It’s a public holiday tomorrow! Shall we meet and chillax at Jim’s place?”

8. Shook

Meaning: To be extremely surprised or shocked to a point where you are speechless or flabbergasted.

How to use it: “Did you know that Ben and Jolin are a couple? I’m shook.”

9. Dead/Dying

Meaning: When something is so funny that you are laughing so hard, it means you have laughed yourself to death.

How to use it: “Oh my! Did you watch this video? I’m dying!”

10. Goals

Meaning: Something you want to achieve or something that you admire. Commonly tagged with #relationshipgoals / #squadgoals.

How to use it:

*Sees a cute couple on Instagram holding hands*

“Aww… this is super sweet… #relationship goals”

11. Oof

Meaning: An expression used when something unfortunate happens

How to use it:

*drops pen*

“Oof! Why do my things keep dropping!

12. Slaying

Meaning: Used as a compliment. Be extremely impressive, stylish, or successful. (New definition added to the Oxford dictionary)

How to use it: “You are slaying those leather boots.”


The list above is not exhaustive. In fact, new lingos are being developed as you are reading this article.

Go ahead, read up more about the various youth lingos out there and you can use it sparingly to connect with your tween or teenager.