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Does an Addiction to Inappropriate Content Harm You?

“Why is inappropriate content bad? I am not hurting anyone by viewing such content!” Well, inappropriate does harm both you and your loved ones! Preliminary research has shown that exposure to sexual content may have the following undesirable effects:

Unrealistic Expectations

Constantly turning to inappropriate content such as pornography for pleasure can be harmful to your brain’s sexual development, especially if you are between the ages of 12 and 20. This is so, as during this period, the human brain is in a developmental phase that leaves us vulnerable to the influences of our surroundings and causes our brains to conform around the input we receive during that period.


As such, when you view inappropriate material, your brain chemistry can become shaped around the attitudes and situations that you are watching. Pornography is thus harmful as portrays sexuality and relationships in an unrealistic manner, creating in your mind an expectation that will never be attained.


Unwanted Pregnancy

Research has shown that teenagers who watch movies or listen to music that glamorizes drinking, drug use, or violence tend to engage in those behaviours themselves. Furthermore, a study published in Psychological Science revealed that movies can, and do influence teenagers’ sexual attitudes and behaviours. Furthermore, teens who were more exposed to sexual content in movies started having casual, unprotected sex at an earlier age.


Unprotected sex might in turn lead to an unwanted teenage pregnancy, which creates a whole new plethora of needs, problems and issues for you and your partner. Studies done have shown that pregnancy during teenage years leads to lower education and creates a socio-economic disadvantage. In the United states, it is estimated that 50% of teen mothers drop out of school because of pregnancy. The lack of educational qualifications directly affects teenage parents’ ability to land a well-paying job, and subsequently, to generate a sufficient income. Heavy reliance on government aid becomes necessary.


Sexual Violence

According to some studies, early exposure to pornography (by age 14) and other explicit material may increase the risk of a child becoming a victim of sexual violence or acting out against another child.




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