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How to keep your personal information safe on social media?

The majority of internet users are on social media and it has become a way of life in the age of media and technology today. It is not uncommon that we spend a significant amount of time on the internet looking for resources, we are also active contributors to the online database in the world wide web.


For example, by having an online presence like an Instagram or Facebook profile, we may be sharing personal information online in ways that we cannot see. Some of the common information that is being stored in a simple social media profile set up could consist of fields like name, birthday, language, location, education, email address, and phone number.


The things that we click on, view, and upload online, together with our usage pattern can also reveal sensitive information about our personal life. These information can also be obtained when we allow the use of external or third-party apps within our social media platforms.


While uploading or sharing information to our profiles may seem harmless, these information can be used for targeted ads, sold to marketers or be used unethically. Therefore it is important for users to be aware of the dangers of using social media and be wary of what we are sharing with our online commuities to keep ourselves safe on social media.


Here are some tips to keep ourselves safe on social media:



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