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Instagram spam account - What is it?

It is estimated that 38% of people in Singapore are active Instagram users and 80% of young people who owns an instagram account, owns a spam account.


What exactly is a spam account?


Spam Instagram accounts are secondary private accounts created specifically for the purpose of sharing more personal, raw, or unpolished images or videos with an exclusive or niche group of people or friends. The accounts are locked or set to private and it is a place where users share contents with less censorship.


For example, a user may have 500 followers in their primary (or main) account, however with their spam account, the numbers would been significantly lesser. These accounts are often linked with their public profile and named similarly to the main account with the exception of having the word “spam” included in their Instagram username handle. For example, someone with the username of “Matt2871” may have his spam account named “Matt2871_spammz”.


Are spam accounts a cause of concern?


As with the nature of these accounts and the content that are typically uploaded, users put themselves in a vulnerable position and is likely to be exposed to a higher risk of being cyberbullied as these accounts often contain highly personal information. Users may become more vulnerable to harsh or hurtful comments or remarks made of them by their followers which could in-turn cause serious hurt or damage to the individuals when things go wrong or when friendships turn sour.


It is important for young people to know that even though their accounts may have been set to “private”, content that has been uploaded and shared online is not as private as one may think it is. There is also a risk of personal information being duplicated and shared in the public domain without informed consent which may bring about some serious consequences.


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