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How Much Gaming is Too Much?

Back in 2013, a 25-Year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) student was found dead at his table after staying up all night playing computer games. While this might be an extreme case, this tragic event nonetheless highlights the health risks associated with excessive gaming.


How much gaming then, is “too much”? A study done by the National Institute of Education found that Singaporean gamers spend an average of about 20 hours per week, above the recommended range of one to nine hours per week.[1]


Beyond just looking at the number of hours per week that you’re spending on gaming, looking for certain signs and symptoms is another way of determining whether you’re playing too much computer games.


Feeling of restlessness and irritability

If you find yourself feeling irritable, moody and constantly thinking about your computer game when you are away from your computer, that is the most common sign that you have become addicted to gaming.


Lying or concealing of gaming habit

Are you hiding the extent of your gaming habits from your parents or your friends even? Do you find yourself making excuses to isolate yourself from your friends in order that you can spend more time gaming? Do you go to your friend’s place to play games to hide the amount of time you spend on gaming? If you do, you might be addicted, and gaming too much.


Problems at school

Do you find yourself not completing your homework on time, and struggling to do well in school? This is a warning sign that there is a problem, and that you should refocus your priorities away from gaming.


Social problems

If you're spending too much time on your computer, you will naturally have less face to face interaction with people. As a result, this might cause social problems as interacting with people in the real world might become a less familiar experience, thus making you find it difficult to meet new people.


Seeking help

If you are still feeling unsure about whether you have a gaming addiction, or if you are playing too much computer games, feel free to chat with our online counsellors, or drop us a call at 1800 6123 123 or an email at hello@help123.


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