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Thinking About Gaming Again? Is it Getting Out of Control?

We all know that feeling of rushing home after school, turning on our computer and resume playing that game we’ve been thinking about all day. That rush of excitement and feeling of rivalry, combined with the quest to solve the game’s objectives make gaming such an addictive sport. On average, gamers in Singapore spend 20 hours per week on their computer games.[1] Do you spend this amount of time gaming?

While gaming might be alright in moderation, excessive gaming can affect your life drastically. Video game addiction can create many problems for you that would affect both your immediate and future circumstances. Read on and decide for yourself whether you’re gaming too much, and if gaming addiction is worth the costs!


Poor Performance

Is your performance in school dropping? As tough a sacrifice as it may be, the biggest distraction that takes up much of your time from doing your school work is your computer games. Playing too long hours might deprive you of sleep, decrease your ability to focus in class, and ultimately lower your test scores compared to your classmates and friends who do not spend as much time on gaming as you. Sacrifice some of your gaming time to focus on your academic pursuits, and your future self might thank you!


Mental Health Problems

Suffering relationships: The amount of time you spend on the computer takes you away from your friends and family, preventing you from developing meaningful, real life relationships. The lack of such relationships may lead to you feeling a sense of isolation and seclusion, and impair your ability to communicate confidently or meaningfully with your peers. Do you feel social awkwardness? You might be facing gaming addiction!


Aggressive behaviour

Do you find yourself feeling a sense of frustration and reacting angrily or even aggressively towards anyone who disrupts your video game play? Addiction causes that!  Playing too many violent games may also desensitize you towards violent acts, and cause you to develop violent thoughts and tendencies.


Health Problems

Carpal tunnel syndrome: do you feel numbness, tingling, and weakness in your hand? You might be gaming too much! These sensations arise from repetitive motion that exerts pressure on a nerve in your wrist.[2]


Weight gain: Do you find yourself putting on weight? As dramatic as it sounds, studies have shown that children who spend two hours or more in front of a television in place of taking part in a physical activity may result in childhood obesity. This inactive lifestyle may eventually contribute to greater instances of stroke, heart disease, and hypertension.[3]


Final note

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with playing video games as a form of entertainment. The problem arises when the urge to play video games becomes uncontrollable, and the only thing you think about throughout the day. Look for signs mentioned above to determine if you are playing too much computer games and tackle the issue before it gets out of hand!


[1] Tan Weizhen, Singaporean youths spend more time gaming than American youths: Study, Today, 24 October 2011.


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