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Effects of Mobile Technology on Society

The next time you step into a MRT train and observe how many people are glued to their smartphones! The widespread use of smart phones has brought an increasing acceptance of its use in any social situation. It is no longer a taboo to be caught with a ringing cell phone at a family dinner, or perhaps even during a church service. Smartphone technology has taken over the world, with Singapore leading the way as the country with the highest smartphone penetration globally. A pilot study done in Singapore found that 12 year olds spend as much as six and a half hours a day glued to a screen. The digital world has become the new young generation's playground - but it has affected society as a whole as well.


Advancements in mobile technology has seen a vast variety of apps being created – designed to entertain and stimulate us. As a result, the amount of time we are spending a day glued to our phones has markedly increased. Digital analytics firm Flurry found that we spend an average of almost 3 hours a day looking at our cell phones. Here’s 3 ways how mobile technology has affected society at large.

Reduced time for other activities

If we spend an average of 3 hours looking at our cell phones every day, that tallies up to almost one day a week! If you find yourself pressed for time daily, with too much to do and too little time, reducing the time spent on your mobile phone could be a big first step to freeing up your day for more productive activities. Deleting certain social media apps that you might be too addicted to may help. Alternatively, a free app called Checky is designed to make you more aware of how often you are using your smartphone by showing you how many times per day you have checked your phone.


Reduced Productivity

A study conducted by the Florida State University revealed that even merely receiving notifications from smartphones can impair a person’s ability to concentrate, decreasing your performance because your focus has been reduced by prompting thoughts irrelevant to your job on hand.


Loss of work-life balance

The Smartphone’s ability to receive work communications anywhere and anytime has resulted in many people finding work increasingly intrusive on their personal lives, thus eroding the division between their work. Many people might increasingly find it obligatory to reply emails and answer calls from colleagues outside working hours.





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