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Why Mobile Games: The Draw of Mobile Games

Gaming companies such as Sony and Nintendo are creating new gaming content and apps on mobile phones. This surge in interest in mobile gaming is due to the amount of revenue coming in from mobile game and game downloads from app stores and play stores (1).

So, why have the masses jumped from gaming on computers and consoles to mobile phones?

What’s the Draw of Mobile Games?

Mobile gaming is popular among youths, as a mobile phone is something they can own. Today, it is common for youths to receive their first phone at a younger age so their parents can communicate with them easily.

Mobile phones are getting better nowadays, which makes playing and downloading apps an even better experience. A decade ago, the only downloadable game is “Snake”. Today, smartphones are so sophisticated, even a low-range smartphone can bring about moderate gaming experience with many different game genres in their hands – literally. Buying your child a low-range phone does not mean limited time on the phone due to the limited capabilities it may possess. It is important to note if you buy your child a smartphone, expect the phone to have capabilities to run common social media apps and popular mobile games.

Research has shown 62% of smartphone owners download gaming apps on their phone within the first week of acquiring it (2). This means your child or teenager would have a game in their phones within the first week of getting them.

Your children are smart to go around the app stores to download their games. They can even download their games online without needing access of a credit card to open an account, in order to indulge in their gaming needs. There is no delayed gratification in getting game apps as these can be downloaded for free (3).

Mobile games have no demographics, as even young girls indulge in mobile gaming. It is more common to see girls or play against girls in popular mobile games such as Mobile Legends, Vainglory, or Crisis Ops. You don’t have to be particularly good to join in the ranks of players internationally –unlike console games or computer games, where you must have a certain level of technical knowledge to understand or play the game.

Mobile games are less rigid than traditional games on computers or consoles, as the publishers are more willing to experiment and come up with new games. Teenagers with varied interests can download games to their liking.

It seems like mobile gaming is here to stay, and its popularity will continue to grow.