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Breaking the Code: How Strong is my Password?

What is a Password?

It is a string of characters typically used to access a computer, interface or system.

Passwords are the most commonly used methods of online account security. It is also one of the weakest login methods.

Protect your online security and privacy by setting strong passwords.


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How to set strong passwords?

  1. Avoid using personal information as passwords
  2. Avoid dictionary words
  3. Use complex passwords
  1. Has at least 8 characters
  2. Cannot be something found in the dictionary
  • Consists of a special character (@, $, etc)
  1. Consists of at least 1 lowercase
  2. Consists of at least 1 uppercase
  3. Consists of at least 3 numbers


  1. Use the Mnemonic Technique

It helps to create a strong and complex password that you can easily remember.


Steps to create password using the Mnemonic Technique:

  1. Create password from a sentence or familiar phrase
  2. Use some letters of each word in the phrase
  • Use a combination of numbers and special characters (E.g. !,@,#)



Pat and I are going to Australia -> P&Irg2A


Mnemonic Technique Practice

  1. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  2. Roses and Sunflowers are 2 of my Favourite Flowers


(Answers: 1. AAaDKtDA   2. RaSa2omFF)