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Inappropriate content and ways to handle it

Inappropriate content may include websites that promote self-harm, hate, extremist views and terrorism, violence, or sexual content.

Many times when children are exposed to inappropriate content online, they do not report it to their parents as they may be afraid of having their smartphones or digital devices confiscated or having their internet access restricted.

It is important that a child’s need to feel safe and comfortable are met, in order for them to be willing to discuss their concerns with their parents or a trusted adult. Therefore, it is important that parents are open and non-judgemental when being approached so that the questions or concerns may be discussed and the child helped.

Pornography has proven to potentially influence youths to have unhealthy, harmful, and distorted views of sex. Hence it is important to speak to your children about sexuality and suggest positive avenues to guide their understanding.

Open communication is a good way to assist your child through his or her questions or concerns. Here are also some practical ways you can engage, to prevent a child’s exposure to inappropriate content:

  • Be readily available for your children so they will be comfortable with approaching you with their concerns
  • Normalize their curiosity of sex and have them understand it positively through resource such as Brook and Thinkuknow. It is encouraged to explore these resources together and talk openly about any problems that your child may have.
  • Use your Internet Service Provider’s parental controls to block any inappropriate websites or advertisements.
  • Engage the use of Google’s “safe” mode to prevent any inappropriate content showing up on the search results
  • Installing reliable ads blocker to safeguard your computer or devices against inappropriate contents


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