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Tips for cutting down on gaming

If you are reading this article, you have probably decided that you might be playing too much computer games. Recognizing that you have a problem controlling your gaming urge is the first step to helping yourself curb this addiction. This article provides you with some basic tips on how you might reduce the time spent gaming.


Start keeping track of how long you spend gaming

It’s easy to lose track of time, especially when you are playing an intense computer game and its intricate story line. Games are designed to make it difficult for you to stop playing, and leave you thinking “just one more life”, or “just one more time and I’ll complete this mission…”. Creating a log of how long you spend each gaming session and tallying the total number of hours you have spent in a week might be enough to snap you out of the virtual world.


Viewing gaming as a reward

Rather than turn right to your computer, do a task that needs to be done, such as your homework. After you have finished your task, reward yourself with some gaming time


Setting your own limit

Setting a time limit each day and sticking to it significantly helps you reduce the amount of time spent gaming. Even if you do not adhere strictly to the time limit, a time limit would create pressure for you to stop playing once you exceed the limit you set. Without it, you might continue playing without any second thoughts. It is worth mentioning that you should set a realistic goal, and not restrict yourself too much as this might cause you from keeping to your goals and ultimately get demotivated from achieving your goals.


Do some self-reflecting

Ask yourself if playing video games is a form of escapism. Are you hiding from something – perhaps a situation that is out of your control? Identify the things that might be stressing you out, and create an actionable plan that helps you work on how you might improve yourself, rather than turning to computer games! Computer games are often seen as the easy way out because it makes you feel like you are in control. In reality, the real world is not the same as the virtual world, and you would help yourself greatly by facing up to your problems!



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