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Online Privacy for Children


The internet is a public place where everyone can read what is being posted online. Be mindful of the kind of information your children share with others. Information that is uploaded onto the internet often cannot be erased completely.

You may try to remove the information from the internet later on - but someone may have already downloaded or made a copy of it, and could easily upload it again without your permission.

There are nasty people who can use your personal information (such as your name, home address and mobile phone number) found online to commit crimes. It is therefore important for your children to learn how to protect their privacy online.

They should: 

  • Keep their personal information private
  • Use a nickname that does not reveal their real name, gender or age
  • Send photos only to people they know well in person
  • Use webcams only with people they know well in person
  • Set their photo setting to private viewing
  • Secure and protect their mobile phone, if any
  • Seek permission from parents before giving out any of their personal information


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