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5 Trends in Mobile Technology

Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate. It’s amazing that anyone armed with a smart phone has the power to access almost any information available on the internet and communicate in many different ways with people all across the world. In line with the Singapore government’s push for Singapore to become a “digital nation”, an exception that mobile technology will become increasingly intertwined with our daily lives would not be surprising. By 2025, the e-commerce market in Singapore is expected to be worth US$5.4 billion. With such fast paced changes, where is mobile technology headed towards?


Location Based Services

Mobile apps are increasingly making use of your phone’s GPS function to offer you push notifications that send you special offers that can be specifically tailored to your needs and wants. In addition, consumers are increasingly consulting their smartphones while in a store and deciding what to buy.


Consumer-Facing Mobile App

You can expect businesses to have a consumer-facing mobile apps that market their products to you via your smartphone. From retail stores to restaurants and even grocery stores such as Red Mart, business have taken advantage of the advancements in mobile technology to gain and retain customers. Today, 45% of all shopping joineries contain an action on mobile, while 1 in 3 shoppers do research on mobile phones before buying a product on a desktop computer or in a physical store. 


Everything on Demand

Brands such as a Uber have become trend setters - from food delivery to transportation, to even booking a place to stay for the night, people have become used to having everything on demand via phone apps. Startups are built on the assertion that they are the “Uber of industry X”, in the hope of generating excitement and buzz. 


Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is probably the most well known augmented reality app out there. However, augmented reality is predicted to move beyond being used as entertainment to being used as a utility - perhaps in a teaching capacity, or even as an information overlay. 


Mobile Security is Increasingly Vital

We used to only be worried of viruses, malware, and other malicious bugs affecting our computer; however, this has extended to become a real threat that could affect our mobile phones and compromise sensitive data in our phones.





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